Mark Twain House 3/12

About a month ago, I found a Groupon for the Mark Twain House and Museum in Hartford, CT. The deal was 2 people for $22 and normally it is $20 each. Being a CT native, I knew the house was there, but simply never visited. My Dad is a huge history buff and I knew he would love to go with me and I bought the Groupon.

It was about an hour drive from Easton and we got there right for opening, at 9:30am. The first tour was going to head out at 9:45 but the woman behind the desk suggested we watch the background film first. With that, we sat down and watched a 25 minute film on Mark Twain and the summary of his life. Then, we looked through the gallery of real Twain artifacts. There was his original writing desk, pen, glasses, and real pieces of paper he had written on.

At 10:15, we met out tour guide, Tony. Tony was young, knowledgable and confident. He even knew funny background stories that clearly only a true expert would know. We were not allowed to take pictures in the house, which was a huge bummer because it was truly gorgeous inside. The house is 17,000 square feet with intricate details in every square inch of it. The tour itself was about an hour and I left having learned so much more about Mark Twain than I ever expected to. My Dad and I took a few selfies and pictures of the outside of the house then headed into the gift shop where they had tons of huckleberry flavored food and trinkets. My Dad got a few pencils with the Mark Twain House label on them for .75 cents each.

After our time at the museum, we headed for brunch at an Irish pub 3 minutes down the road called The Half Door. As we approached, I became nervous about my pick based on the dodgy area surrounding it. Once inside however, we found a genuine pub complete with faded wood booths and Irish trinkets lining every wall. We sat at a tiny two person booth with old embroidered cushions. We both got coffees and I ordered eggs bendedict (my favorite) and my Dad went for the Rueben omelette. My bennies were awesome, and had a great corn beef hash on the side. With full stomaches we were ready for more adventures so I googled places to shop in the Hartford area. What came up was Blue Back Square, 2 miles away.

Blue Back Square is not what we wanted it to be. We were in the mood for independently owned shops and more interesting things to look at. What we found was tacky stores like Charming Charlie, Gift-ology, and Sunglass Hut. And it was all outdoors, and it was 19 degrees out. So, it seemed like the area had nothing to offer but commercial retail and if thats what we were going to do, we decided to head to the West Farms Mall. I have always heard of this mall being very nice and upscale. It totally was. It had a lot of the stores I am used to seeing in the Westport area, but bigger and nicer. I ended up getting a hat at Lululemon and two pairs of ripped jeans (light pink and black) for my trip at American Eagle. I also got some samples at Origins that will hopefully help my skin out a little bit this week. I’ll be sure to post about those after I used them! The best part was that my Dad really does like to shop and doesn’t roll his eyes when I point out things I like. He doesn’t sit in the chairs with the other men, he really enjoys looking and talking about what we see.

After that, we got some Starbucks and headed home. Overall, it was a great ‘Dad Day’ and I’m super glad we went 🙂

This week in CT we are expecting A FOOT of snow on Tuesday, so I will most likely be off from work that day and the clean up will for sure slow down the rest of the week. Let’s see what tomorrow brings!


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