First Barre Class

It is President’s Day weekend and that means a Monday OFF! With that, I decided to do something different today and of course that means trying a new fitness craze! I have been to endless spin, kickboxing, yoga, and weight lifting classes but I have never tried barre. I have been hearing about it for months now. People say it is an excellent low-impact workout. As someone who takes SoulCycle and HITT training classes regularly, I had trouble imaging how low-impact could mean a good workout. I was honestly worried that it would be boring.



When I arrived at Pure Barre in Fairfield, CT, I must have had the ‘lost puppy’ look on my face because instantly the woman behind the desk asked me if it were my first time there. After confessing such, she had me fill out a typical waiver and a questionnaire about my fitness level (took me about 2 minutes to fill out). After that, the woman introduced herself as Nicole, the instructor. Nicole then showed me where I could sign in and put my stuff. It was an open cubby, no locks. Which is honestly no big deal, especially in Fairfield. No one needs to steal your stuff, they have their own. She told me that I could do the workout in my regular socks, but since I am a total sucker and LOVE to have all the right stuff, I bought a cute pair of light pink sticky socks to wear in class. Plenty of women around me in class had regular socks on and did completely fine. The floor is carpeted so it wasn’t as easy to slip.

Before class began, Nicole gave me the run down of all the different terminology she would be using and what to expect in class. If I could type it back, I would but I have no idea how. Let her tell you 🙂 I then snuck into the bathroom before class, which is inside the studio. This was probably the ONLY downside. Bathroom stuff is awkward, no one wants to have to go knowing that there are 30 people on the other side of the door. So, go before you go!

The equipment we used in class was a stretch band, a small ball (reminded me of a kickball from the old playground days) and a set of light weights which we only used for the warm up. We started with a warm up and then went over to the bar, where we did most of the work. It was low impact, but the movements were like nothing I have ever done. I felt muscles working that I have never felt before. I don’t usually struggle in fitness classes, but today I struggled. But it was extremely worth it, I felt like I was getting an excellent workout and I am motivated to go again and get better at it.

Overall, I absolutely LOVED my experience and cannot wait to go back. Barre is most definitely worth it!!!


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