Sophomore year of high school, I got a white MacBook.


Never forget, RIP. I mainly got it for Photo Booth, which was such a big deal for high schoolers in 2008. It was the first snapchat, with filters that made your face look funny. I also got it to instant message my friends and download music onto my pink iPod nano. God, TBT! When I was headed for college, my white MacBook was dying a slow and terrible death.

With that, I bought myself silver MacBook Pro for my freshman year of college.

A year later, I had moved home to commute for the year. I told my friends I was commuting to save money, when in reality I had gotten booted from my housing placement because of my low GPA (yeah my first year in a college, a sorority, and a full time job taught me a lot about balance). On the first day of classes, I rolled over to the side of my bed and reached for my laptop. When I touched it I felt water…why is my laptop wet? I thought and shot out of bed. Thats when I saw the water bottle I sipped before bed had tipped over and spilled all over my laptop. It was a goner, on the FIRST day back. I didn’t have the money to buy a new one and had to go the entire semester without a laptop. I finally got a new one for Christmas with a combination of my small savings and the Santa fund.

Now, 4 years later and finally finishing up college, I was ready for another new computer. My 2013 MacBook survived the past few years without water damage but was getting slower by the day, and heavier. This thing felt like at least 4 extra pounds, which is a lot for a person who is on the go as much as I am. I always bring my laptop to work in case I can do homework while the kids are at school. The only place I can really focus is the library, so I always have to bring my laptop there. But the extra weight made me not want to bring it places and therefore I wouldn’t get my work done as easily as I could.

Yesterday, my school refund check came through and instead of having to save my money, I was able to buy a new one, so I went straight to the Apple Store.

IMG_2299 2.jpgsay hello to my brand new, ROSE GOLD laptop. It matches my beats, my phone, and my watch HAHA. I’m fine. So far, it is fast, LIGHT and I am eager to learn more new features! No USB ports or DVD drive but in the age of bluetooth, I never use those things. I am so excited to have something light and easy to carry with me whenever I am inspired to write 🙂

ALSO, because my silver MacBook Pro isn’t that old, works well and has a working chargers, it is worth $265!! Sending it back ASAP


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