When I woke up this past Monday and peaked at social media with one sleepy eye open, I saw something that perked me right up. John Mayer announced his tour dates for 2017!! My head shot off my pillow as I began texting my two roommates from college (and fellow John fans) that we HAD to get tickets when the went on sale, this Friday at 10am. My infatuation with John Mayer started at a very early age, it’s the longest crush I’ve ever had. While the Nick Carter and Jesse McCartney loves faded, John stayed strong.

I remember walking into my first day of 6th grade at Fairfield Woods Middle School in Fairfield, CT. I had on a green sleeved baseball tea and khaki shorts, I’ll never forget it. Upon walking in behind a sea of other pimply faced awkward people, I saw a big picture of a handsome kid on the wall. He had flowing brown hair and a cute nose. I remember my 12 year old self thinking ‘uhhh does he go here? Can I date him?’ Nope. Turns out he was John Mayer, a musician at the peak of his career… and he also went to this middle school not too long ago. WHAT. I was going to walk the same halls as a real life famous person??? I felt super cool and will continue to boast about it until the day I die.

John Mayer’s music got me through the worst (and hopefully last) breakup of my life. When I worked at Jack Wills in Westport, CT, I worked with a girl I went to high school with. She was always one of my favorite people, I to this day admire her confidence and outgoing personality. One day, shortly after my tough break up, we were organizing the tiny and extremely messy stock room. In the midst of my sad silence as we worked, she put on John Mayer’s ‘Slow Dancing in a Burning Room’ and told me how this song got her through her first terrible breakup. I earned new respect for her that day, and can’t appreciate enough how she helped me heal.

After that job, I went back to the first job I had when I was sixteen, at Henry Lehr in Westport, CT. Upon my return, I was welcomed by the older women I once knew, the women who played a big part in who I am today. A few months into being back, I learned some devastating news. The owner of the store was sick with cancer. For a long time, she was a fighter, coming to work every day and being as present as she ever was. Then we slowly started to see her less and less. The store got quieter and quieter. Without her there to pick the music, the women and I took turns choosing CDs to put into the disc changer. Whenever it was my turn, I did an entire John Mayer lineup, with a little Fleetwood Mac mixed in. I remember listening to his music instead of thinking about the inevitable passing of my boss. He helped a lot with that tough time.

Now, it’s not all sad. I listen to my John Mayer CDs whenever I feel the need to be reminded the music isn’t on synth machines and DJ remixes.This past Tuesday, when it was snowing I had to play John Mayer in the car despite how much the kids complained. I was so nervous to drive on the slippery slopes with my precious cargo and his voice comforted me. I listen to him when I need real comfort and happiness. Someone from my hometown made it big, he makes me believe that I can too. 

AND IF YOU HAVEN’T NOTICED: my entire blog is named after a John Mayer song, it’s called Heart of Life from the album ‘Continuum’ circa 2006. 🙂


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