Apple Watch Vs. Fitbit

I got a Fitbit flex in 2014, it was so basic in comparison to the smart watches on the market today. All it did was count my steps while these days the tech on your wrist can track your heart rate, sleep patterns, calories burned, etc. As a huge fan of fitness and working out on my own, having a Fitbit became necessary to my gym routine. As the bracelets went from basic to more advanced, I upgraded accordingly. When the Blaze came out, I was so excited to have the fitness tracker of my dreams, one that would give me all my phone notifications while keeping accurate stats.

Perks of the Fitbit Blaze

  1. Heart-rate tracking was active on my wrist, something I could see at all times.
  2. FitStar workout programs were accessible, a small video/instructions for workouts moves I could do at the gym when I got stuck. This was something I never really used but I felt comfort in having the option.
  3. Notifications from all apps on my phone/texts/calls.
  4. The ability to change bands and create a new look.

Despite how ingenious I initially thought it was, I learned as I wore it that the Fitbit Blaze has many flaws

  1. I often found the heart-rate tracker to be off or not reading at all. This was particularly irritating when it would happen during my workouts, and I would leave the gym without an accurate reading of my hard work.
  2. Once you started a workout on the tracker, you could not switch off the screen to change your music or even look at FitStar videos. On the workout screen, you could see your heart rate, the time, and calories burned, but that’s it.
  3. Despite the fact that I had the ‘raise wrist to wake screen’ option turned off, I found my FitBit lighting up at the worst times. In the middle of a dark room at SoulCycle, I would bend my wrist and accidently hit the buttons on the side and my Fitbit would come alive instantly, distracting those around me. There was no way to turn it off, I simply had to bury it in my towel and wait for it to go dim again. If I wore it any looser to avoid hitting the buttons, it would not read my heart rate properly. Very annoying.
  4. It was very slow when syncing with my phone, and sometimes it wouldn’t do it at all.
  5. On three different occasions, I found the time was two hours off…no idea why.
  6. The wrist vibration was aggressive AF, sometimes I would jump when it went off.
  7. The black band that came with the Blaze had texture grooves all throughout it, which got filled with dirt and was pretty hard to clean. Didn’t look too cute.

After finally realizing that something I wear every day should not have so many flaws and irritations, I slowly started shopping for other options. I knew at this point that I could not go back to a regular watch as I am too addicted to having my stats and notifications on my wrist. What I noticed was a lot of people wearing Apple watches, and decided to do some research on those.

During my endless stalking on, I learned that there were two options for Apple Watches, series 1 and series 2. The series 2 is the latest and is waterproof and includes GPS, two perks that make it $369 while the series 1 is $269. As I made my way to the store, I told myself I would get the series 2 and be done with it. However, when I told my logic to the Apple sales associate, he told me that the series 1 is waterproof for 30m which is like 90 feet. He also said that the only real perk of the GPS is for people who want to go for a run without their phone but honestly.. who does that? I wouldn’t feel safe without a way to call people. With that, I saved myself the $100 and went with the Apple Watch series 1 for $269. 


Isn’t it gorgeous? So that is a gold watch face and a ‘pink sand’ sport band. It originally came with a ‘concrete’ (light gray) sport band, but I bought the pink for $49 since I was not spending as much on the watch itself. I love the look of it, but I am happy that it is easy to change the bands if I want to!

The First Workout

The biggest test for my Apple watch was how it acted during a workout. On the treadmill, I hit ‘indoor run’ and let it roll. I was able to ex out of my workout screen and change my music from my wrist, and anything else I wanted to do. It counted my calories and automatically added the workout to the stats for the day which I can see on my wrist. I was also able to add a goal to the start of my workout and hit 250 calories. This was so motivating while I was running and kept me going until I hit my goal.


Over the weekend, I have been slowly figuring out the ins and outs of my Apple watch. What I know so far is:

  1. When I get a text message, I can answer it with any of the suggested prompts, emojis, or even have siri relay a message for me. 7EA6DC24-5403-4D95-A717-01D83ECD63E1.JPG
  2. I can change my clock face to literally whatever I want, even a picture from my camera roll. Every face is 100% customizable, you can choose exactly what you want to see when your apple watch opens up.
  3. The battery life is not that amazing. This is the one and only flaw I am noticing for far, but what apple product doesn’t have poor battery life? #worthit
  4. I can use my ApplePay from my wrist.
  5. I can check my bank account balance
  6. I can call an Uber from my wrist
  7. Turning on Do Not Disturb will mute all notifications, just like on my phone.

I know there is so much more I can do with my Apple Watch and I am so excited to figure them all out. Overall, I will for sure be advocating Apple Watches from now on and Fitbit just lost a loyal customer, #sorrynotsorry.


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