Book Review: The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo by Amy Schumer

I have been a comedian fan since my first real laughing fit, caused by a Dane Cook joke when I was around eleven. I remember my sister playing his ‘Harmful If Swallowed’ album for me on our family computer, which was a thick HP desktop and the speakers crackled if they went above a certain volume. What got me was the one about Mr. Sketch markers, and if you haven’t heard it pleaseeeeee go listen and laugh. I remember doubling over on the floor with tears streaming down my face as I hiccup-laughed. Since then, I have grown to love many comics including Louis C.K, Jim Gaffigan, etc. I love how they talk about real stuff and make if funny, something light-hearted and no big deal. I love relating to their embarrassing stories and being able to laugh about things that would normally make me cringe.

If I am cleaning at work while the kids are at school, I tend to play comedy radio Pandora to fill the silence. That’s how I have come to love a lot of comedians. When Amy Schumer would come on my radio shuffle, I always found her material a little too vulgar, and skipped. However, the more Amy grew in the spotlight, the more likeable she became. I got into celebrity literature this past summer after reading both of Mindy Kaling’s books. I really liked learning more about a person in the spotlight and knowing that they are real.

With that being said, Amy Schumer is real and she is awesome. Her book is relatable, hilarious, genuine, and other amazing adjectives. Amy is an advocate for women, and the community. She loves New York, food, her sister, and food. She is real woman, and after reading her book I want to be a lot more like her. For all my fellow twenty-somethings, who feel a little lost and unsure about life and womanhood, please read this book. Learn from Amy how to go through the motions with humor and lightheartedness.

P.S I didn’t physically read this book, I listened to it and that made the experience even better. I bought it for $17.95 on iTunes and it’s read by Amy herself. Hearing her laughs and cries throughout her stories were awesome. DO IT.


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