Election Lesson

Every day, I learn something from the children I babysit for. Some days it’s as simple as not to let a four-year-old eat a go-gurt in the back seat of the car. Some days it’s something that makes me stop and look at them and think, wow did you really just say that? One of those moments came this past Monday, the day before the presidential election.

I am not one for politics, AT ALL. Literally, my roommates taught me the difference between a democrat and a republican just last year, and I still don’t even know. Regardless, this election was hard to avoid for anyone, even the kids. The nine-year-old brought up the election after every debate, claiming he had watched it with his parents. He always tried to pry my thoughts out but honestly, for the most part, I remained opinion-less. However, as November 8th approached, I knew I had to start seriously thinking about who I would vote for.

“Come on Abby, tell me who you are going to vote for,” Aidan said, looking up at me from the passenger seat (seriously questionable whether or not he should be sitting there yet) with this begging blue eyes.

“I honestly don’t want to talk about it bud,” I said with a shrug, (these kids are really good with honesty).

“Well, I think that God is going to pick whoever is right for us and we shouldn’t worry about it,” he told me and returned to making faces at himself in the visor mirror.  

By this, I was dumbfounded, and couldn’t help but let out a loving sigh at him. So, this family is pretty religious. They oldest attends a Christian private school, and if they miss church on Sundays, they make it for it by studying the bible at home. Although Aidan’s comment is very religious, what I took from it is that fact that he is being positive, and letting whatever is meant to be, be. Even with the election over, I still think of this comment and believe that Trump was meant to be president, and soon we will figure out why, whether its good or bad.


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