Easy Reads

I did some of my best growing up in-between stacks of books at my local library. The smell of old pages brings more relaxation to me than any glass of wine ever could. I LOVE books, physical books. I love flipping pages and seeing the left side go thick instead of the right. As a nanny, I find myself having more time to read than at most jobs I’ve had. If the kids are entertaining themselves, you can find me with one eye on them and the other reading a book (that sounded like it could be a verse in Alanis Morrisette’s ‘ironic’). I even specifically bought the Lululemon All Day Tote because it fit my latest library read alongside the kids’ snacks without being weighed down. My book criteria is pretty simple; romance, humor, #relatable, and empowering. With that, here is a few of my latest faves.

  • Falling- Jane Green
    • Jane Green has been a favorite of mine for quite sometime, despite the fact that most of her books are geared towards older women. TBH, I like reading about the lives of women in their 30s/40s because it gives my twenty-something self something to hope for. In Falling, we meet Emma, a brit who moves to Westport, CT with no intentions of finding love, but she does & it’s awesome.
  • Modern Lovers- Emma Straub
    • Straub’s most famous book is ‘The Vacationers’ which I really wanted to read but after one chapter, found myself totally bored. When I gave Modern Lovers a chance, I was pleased to be entranced from the first page. The book is as it says in the title, MODERN and realistic. The story follows a group of adults living vicariously through their past and their children.
  • Time Of My Life- Allison Winn Scotch
    • If you’re feeling lost/unsure of yourself, this book is for you. You’ll meet Jill, a woman who seemingly has the perfect life with a rich husband, but wonders if that really is the life for her. Sounds completely basic, and it is, but Scotch has a sophisticated voice that gives this book a lesson worth learning.
  • First Comes Love- Emily Giffin
    • My FAVORITE author of ALL time= Giffin. In her latest triumph, sisters Josie & Meredith live through a heart-wrenching tragedy, and the story follows the two as they find why they are still around. If you like this, read all her books and I promise you will not be sorry.
  • Paris For One & Other Stories- JoJo Moyes
    • So no, JoJo is not just the name of a too-pretty bachelorette, its also the name of an amazing writer. Moyes is the one that wrote Me Before You and Me After You, both of which I highly recommend. Paris For One & Other Stories is a collection of short essays that are nice, easy reads that also contain a lot of depth and meaning that is #relatable.

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