Cycling & ME

I’ll admit it, my work week as a nanny is very relaxed in comparison to those who work corporate office jobs. I get up at six, but my commute is five minutes and I can go in my sweatpants. However, I do face high-stress situations every day at work, just like everyone else. The stress comes from keeping three people in check and happy at all times and making sure they have everything they need. By the end of the week, I always realized that I have barely made any time for myself. With that, my weekends are all about rejuvenation and taking that time for me. Something I love to do for that me time is indoor cycling.

Exercise, for me, is not a burden. I have always been active and want to stay that way. I got into spinning about a year and a half ago after going to a class at SoulCycle in Westport, CT. I loved the dark room, where you can completely zone in and put everything out of your mind. I loved the fit instructors, full of realistic expectations but endless encouragement for more. I loved the music, the atmosphere, the people, everything. After that, I became addicted to classes there and felt inspired enough to become a certified instructor myself this past April. My certification was via Madd Dogg Athletics, an official training program for trademark Spinning. The eight-hour training day cost me $360 and my certification is good now for two years. After going on two auditions to instruct at private studios similar to SoulCycle, I realized that I am not ready mentally to be a leader on that bike. Your confidence levels have to by sky high, and as a barely stable 24-year-old, I know I need more time for myself before I get that confidence.

However, I have to keep up with my cycling and make it a point to go to a class at least once a week, on Saturdays. I travel between these three Saturday classes, depending on my mood:

1.9:30a.m @ The Edge Fitness Clubs of Stratford, CT- ‘SpinPower’ with Samantha Duda: The Stratford Edge is brand new, and so is the spin studio. The bikes aren’t rusted or slow, and the studio is completely closed off so there is not room for distractions. Samantha is a great instructor, but the best part of this class is the use of live stats on TV boards in front of the class. Your name is on the board and you move up in the rankings the more power you put into your ride. With a gym membership, this class is FREE and I HIGHLY recommend it.

2. 10:45a.m @ SoulCyle with Elle/11:45 a.m with Alejandra: If I feel like really having a lazy morning and cannot make it to the 9:30 in Stratford, I will roll down the street to Westport and give myself the treat of Soul. What is cool about SoulCycle is that no matter what class or instructor you take, the class is going to be awesome. I really liked Elle & Alejandra’s classes, but anyone you chose will be great! The ‘bummer’ about SoulCycle, is the price which is $36 per class plus $3 for a shoe rental because you HAVE to use clip-in shoes as there are not any sneaker baskets on the bike (which is better anyway). Last week, I forgot socks and got charged $14 for a pair when I asked for some. So while it isn’t cheap, I believe that you get what you pay for, and what you pay for at SoulCycle is well worth it.

3. 9:45 a.m @ Joyride Studios with Jamie: Between the two private studios, Joyride (also in Westport, CT) is cheaper than SoulCycle, at $26 per class and free shoe rentals if you want them. At JoyRide however not every class/instructor is as streamlined as they are at SoulCycle. So picking an instructor is more of a gamble, as you might not like their particular teaching styles. I like Jamie because she has current music and always makes you work hard with lots of different drill sequences.

These three options are awesome, and any one of them I would highly recommend as a way to take time for yourself and destress from whatever you have going on, while getting an amazing workout!


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